Wise ERP Services

Wise is a solution  that covers the business process management for all order fullfilment areas. The real-time connection between all areas of the system ensures that user received promptly all information needed for decision-making.

With Wise ERP you can streamline your business processes, increase productivity, reduce costs and ameliorate business control.

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The key benefits of our professional ERP solutions

  • Consistent, reliable, agile and customizable real-time ERP solutions
  • Feature-rich and incorporating business scalability and agility
  • Easily integrated with other business systems
  • Multi-site, multi-company, multi-lingual and multi-currency structure
  • Allows data to be utilized in all parts of the system, leading to significant time savings and  improved data accuracy
  • Customizable to your specific requirements

Key figures

  • Strong global presence - used in 14 countries worldwide in over 46 production locations
  • Over 6000 end-users
  • With our partners we are able to support our customers on four continents

Manufacturing & Production

  • Comprehensive production management along end-to-end manufacturing process
  • Monitor both machines and human resources
  • Collect production quality and traceability data
  • Analyze production costs and key financial indicators
  • Subcontracting management automation
  • Streamline processes across multiple locations

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

  • Efficient management across order fulfilment, delivery planning and logistics.
  • Identify bottlenecks and mitigate supply chain risks

Sales & CRM

  • Centralize sales operations by covering all phases of the sales process from offer to invoicing
  • Streamline the sales process and order management in product, service and project sales
  • Includes all CRM functionalities required by a business
  • Improve customer service experiences

Project Management & Documents Management

  • Support complex multi project programs
  • Intelligent data management covering the product lifecycle
  • Contain all the functionalities required of a document management system, including version management, classifications, management of reading and modification rights, circulation, comment requests, authorization and distribution.

Quality Management

  • Tracking quality control within organizations based on efficient processes documentation
  • Reliable tracing data from warehouse, manufacturing, production lines and all phases of processes support quality control and quality assurance

Costing & Finance

  • Access all financial information and gain complete financial transparency in one place: AR, AP, GL & e-invoicing
  • Transactions are automatically transferred from sales, purchases and production to the GL. Get costing, pricing and financial reporting done easily with automation
  • Real-time financial monitoring based on up-to-date income statement and balance sheet information

Business Intelligence

  • Improves production and data acquisition efficiency
  • Capability for report generation, demand forecasting, data mining, performance management and predictive analysis